Introduction of ®PROFITERM group

Commencement of activities

The activities of ®PROFITERM holding were commenced in 1994. They are carried out in Czech, Slovak and Polish territories.

Group specialization

The activity of ®PROFITERM group is focusing in the long term in two main areas – products – mostly related to facility issues and complementing one another.

Under the trademark of ®PROFITERM GROUP there are concentrated technological activities focusing on design, installation and service of the pneumatic tube system and facility equipment (measurement and regulation, heating, air facility management)

Under the trademark of ®PROFITERM FACILITY there are renting activities of office, storing and sales spaces owned by ®PROFITERM group including the services of facility management.

Concentration of the company

®PROFITERM concentrates primarily on demanding projects and orders prepared by the team of experienced and competent technicians. Our best motivation is the satisfaction of our clients and partners on long term basis.

Stability of the company

The ®PROFITERM group is a steady establishment out of technical, HR and financial point of view, it disposes with sufficient sources and experience for the most demanding clients. We also provide assistance 365 days in a year.

ISO certification

In order to prove the quality level of all provided products and services, we have been certified to meet the demanding standards of ISO 9001:2001 granted by Lloydś Register Quality Assurance and by further organizations – we hold various certificates for particular products and countries as well.

®PROFITERM trademark

The design and graphical solution of ®PROFITERM is a registered trademark.

Projects of charity

®PROFITERM supports in a long term non profitable and charitable projects. J ®PROFITERM supports the project called „distant adoption“ – education of children in the third world countries , children´s fund UNICEF, handicapped fellow citizens, supports ecological activities in the field of sustainable development, contributes to the protection of endangered species and sponsors sports and leisure-time activities of both children and adults.

Headquarters, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 595 222 111

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